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The team from the Chair in ASD Treatment and Care Research at York University has partnered with TEDxYorkU to host 2 TEDxYorkUSalons. The 2017 Salon, held on April 22 2017, focused on innovations for people with autism within their community and in research.

These TEDxYorkUSalons provide a forum for ideas within the Canadian autism community of stakeholders. In the 2017 Salon “AutismInnovations”, we showcased 4 TEDx speakers. After the Salon portion, 13 researchers took the stage and give 3 minute lightening talks – all in the ASD field (from York University and other universities in the GTHA).

Interactive session breaks were full of inspiration and ideas worth sharing as well!

All the videos from #TEDxYorkUAutInnov are on YouTube here.


The first Salon, Spectrum, was held on May 28, 2016, and focused on concerns relevant to transition-age youth and to adults with autism.

Here is a snapshot of the 2016 Salon #TEDxYorkUSpectrum and links to the YouTube playlist. You can click on the “TALKS” tab in the menu to view the talks as well.


For more information about the TEDx Program, click here.