Glendon Theatre, Toronto
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We would like to acknowledge all our partner organizations that made these TEDxYorkUSalons possible.

AutismInnovations 2017 is brought to you by:

Spectrum 2016 was brought to you by:

York University - Faculty of Health, NeuroDevNet, Ontario Brain Institute, Kerry's Place Autism Services, Geneva Centre for Autism, Sinneave Family Foundation

In partnership with the Chair in ASD Treatment and Care Research

Chair in ASD Treatment and Care Research

The Chair in Autism Spectrum Disorder Treatment and Care Research is funded by the Canadian Institutes of Health Research in partnership with Autism Speaks Canada, the Canadian Autism Spectrum Disorders Alliance, Health Canada, Kids Brain Health (formerly NeuroDevNet) and the Sinneave Family Foundation. Additional support from York University and ORION’s O3 Collaboration.